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Homestay in Uttarakhand

HOMESTAY in Uttarakhand

Staying in the Homestay as a guest in someone’s house with a family in the Himalaya of Uttarakhand is the best way to explore local traditional hospitality & culture of Himalayan. Moreover, the guest stays as a family member and affordable friendly accommodation in a local community in the Himalayan village is truly an authentic experience you get.  The people of Uttarakhand are very simple & heart full by nature and still follow the Himalayan tradition of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ or Guests are considered to be a God.

In the Uttarakhand state of India, now,  there are various Homestays are available almost every corner of the state.  And all the homestays are registered by the state government for the safe and honorable tourism where you can discover the rural lifestyle with full of fascinating Himalayan natural surroundings fell the Himalayan culture and recipe, discover natural beauty and less visited places all this with the help of Himalayan people of Uttarakhand.

Support to boost the remote economy

Promote sustainable demography by minimizing migration

Participate in empowering local culture and tradition

1- Rishikesh Homestay 2- Lucky Homestay 3- Homestay Anant Yoga

4- R D Homestay 5- Tapovan Homestay 6- Anjali Homestay

7- Gunjan Homestay 8- Harihar NIwas Homestay 9- Nishant Garden Resort

10- Sonu Guest House 11- Vashist Guest House 12- Maa Ganga Guest House

13- Amraai Homestay 14- VNA Resort Homestay 15- Rishikesh Homestay

16- Shree Homestay 17- Eccoterra Homestay 18- Natraj Yogpeet Homestay

19- Ayur Park Homestay 20- Raj Niketan Homestay 21- Sneha Homestay

22- Shiv Ganga Paying Guest House 23- Surya Lodge 24-Arvind Lodge

25- Yoga Maya Guest House 26- Yogi Homestay 27- Pink Guest House

28- Osho Vision Guest House 29- Rainbow Holiday Home 30- Zero Homestay

31- Rama Guest House 32-Sri Sai Anmol Guest House 33- Laxmi Homestay

34- Rama Guest House 35- Sadan Niwas Guest House 36- Rama Guest House

37- Utsav Guest House 38- Vineet Paying Guest House 39- Aditya Homestay

40- Yash Raj Guest House 41- Ganges Himalaya Homestay 42-Tigrish estate

43- High View Cottage 44- Sonu Guest House 45- High View Apartment

46- Private Room A Homestay 47- Tapasya Homestay 48-Chandra Homestay

49- Gungun Homestay 50- Anjali Homestay 51-Pahadi House Homestay

52- Revathi Homestay 52- Priya Darshani Homestay 53- Govind Homestay

54- Nandini Homestay 55- Radhe Homestay 56- Yoga Vidya Homestay

57- Krishna Homestay 58- Yoga Vidya Homestay 59- Ragi Palace Homestay

60- Himgiri Homestay 61- Jugal House Homestay 62- Rajniketan Homestay

63- Kandari Homestay 64- Hill Nature Homestay 65- Sarthak Homestay

66- Maithani Homestay 67- Aashirwad Homestay 68- Vinayak Homestay

69-Vansh Homestay 70- Bhandari Homestay 71- Dharohar Homestay

72- Dev Bhumi Homestay 73- Vishavnath Homestay 74- Ashram Homestay

75- Dharam Prakash Bhawan 76- Maa Ganga Haveli 77- Shaurya Homestay

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